Low Cost & Home Based Franchises

The great news for those who are considering franchising is that the franchising world offers tremendous variety in terms low cost franchises and home based franchises.

When people think about franchising, they normally think about quick service restaurants, hotels and other store front franchises. Although these can be good business opportunities, they are also some of the more expensive franchises. At the other end of the spectrum, you can find quite a few low cost franchises and home based franchises with investments of less than $100K.

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One of the great advantages of low-cost franchises and home based franchises is that they require minimal fixed expenses. Home based franchises obviously have no rent and very little overhead often leading to a faster break even. In addition, low cost franchises and home based franchises often have strong growth potential over time and can provide a significant return on investment for those with the right skills and the willingness to work hard.

But, as you might imagine, low cost franchise and home based franchises are not risk free. In some ways, they are riskier than higher cost franchises. These franchises tend to attract individuals that are focused only on cost ignoring the reality that low cost sometimes means low quality. The goal of course is to make sure that you purchase a high quality franchise – regardless of the investment.

If you are interested in home based franchises or low cost franchises, you need to read The Educated Franchisee. The research techniques outlined in The Educated Franchisee will help you discern low cost franchises that offer a good system and support from cheap franchises that fall into the category of buyer beware. By asking the right questions and turning over the right stones, the potential franchisee can identify low-cost franchises and home-based franchises that offer both high quality and reasonable cost.