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If you found the Educated Franchisee Resource Center, it is probably because you are exploring franchising. You don’t know if you are interested in buying a franchise yet. You just want more knowledge. Ideally you would discover the ideal franchise opportunity, but right now, you need access to exceptional franchise information.

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Well, you have found what you are looking for. This website is 100% dedicated to educating you on franchise opportunities. We provide a vast amount of franchise information designed to help you make the best franchise decision. Teaching you how to buy a franchise is our expertise. This website is an extension of that expertise.
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The Educated Franchisee website is 100% dedicated to arming you with franchise information and advice you can trust. Our publications and support services takes the uncertainty out of buying a franchise. We equip you with all the tools and knowledge you’ll need to fully evaluate a franchise opportunity make a great business decision. All franchises can be analyzed using the same basic techniques outlined in The Educated Franchisee and in The Franchisee Workbook. Whether you are seriously committed to buying a franchise or just exploring a franchise opportunity, you’ll want to fully explore this website and read The Educated Franchisee.

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