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Downloads From The Educated Franchisee

tef_bookcoverRead Chapter 5 from The Educated FranchiseeSGreenLineTEF WorkbookComplete Step 1 from The Franchisee Workbook
glossary_cover_imageA Glossary of Franchise TermsSGreenLinenumber 10Top 10 Franchising Essentials
frequently-asked-questionsQuestions To Ask YourselfSGreenLinefrequently-asked-questionsQuestions To Ask Franchisees
frequently-asked-questionsQuestions To Ask FranchisorsSGreenLinefrequently-asked-questionsThe Fear Box
frequently-asked-questionsExercise 9.8 and 9.9 – FDD TablesSGreenLinevisioningVisioning
Finance Tracking ChartFinance Tracking ChartSGreenLine

Franchise Business Reports & Data Downloads

Economic Outlook 2021SGreenLineEconomic Outlook 2020
SGreenLineFranchise Business Outlook - 2018
Economic Impact Vol IVSGreenLineFranchise Business Outlook - 2017
Franchise-Rule-Compliance-Guide-1Franchise Rule Compliance GuideSGreenLineSBLM_Vol5-1Small Business Lending Matrix and Analysis
Economic_Impact_of_Veteran_Owned_Franchises-1Economic Impact of Veteran Owned FranchisesSGreenLineEconomicImpact11(1)-1Economic Impact of Franchised Business - Volume 3
Franchise_Business_Outlook_for_2013-12013 IFA Franchise Business Economic Outlook ReportSGreenLineifa_franchise_business_economic_outlook_2012-12012 IFA Franchise Economic Outlook Report
top-low-cost-franchises-2012-12012 Top Low Cost Franchises report by Franchise Business Review SGreenLineFranchise_Business_Outlook_January_2014_1_-12014 IFA Franchise Business Economic Outlook Report
2011_frnachise_business_economic_outlook-12011 Franchise Business Economic Outlook - Full ReportSGreenLineifa_2011_franchised_business_ownership_by_minority_and_gender_groups-12011 IFA Franchise Business Owners by Minority and Gender Groups
2010_franchise-business-outlook-12010 Franchise Business Economic Outlook - Full ReportSGreenLine2011_small_business_lending-12011 Small Business Lending Analysis
2010-nsba-economic-report-12010 NSBA Economic Outlook ReportSGreenLine2010_econoutlook_factsheet-12010 Franchise Business Economic Outlook - Fact Sheet
top-franchises-for-2008-12008 Top Franchises by Franchise Business ReviewSGreenLine2009_franchise_lending_analysis-12009 Franchise Lending Analysis
economic-impact-of-franchised-businesses-vol-2-12008 Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses – Full ReportSGreenLineeconomicimpactoffranchisedbusiness-2008-12008 Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses – Summary
eift1-12004 Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses - SummarySGreenLinetheprofileoffranchising-12006 The FRANData Profile of Franchising
eifb2-12004 Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses – Part IIISGreenLineeifb2-12004 Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses – Part II