About Rick Bisio | Founder

rick-bisioAlthough many people would say my entry into the franchise business was in 1994, I would have to say it happened long before that. The franchise business is just a subsection of entrepreneurship, something I have been involved in my entire life.

I was born in Kansas City, the son of a hard working and independently minded father.  Naturally, my father owned his own business.  Entrepreneurship is what I knew growing up and it is the foundation of how I look at the world.  If you want your children to grow up confident in their own abilities, start a business and let them take part.  It will give them the confidence to tackle anything in life.

Although I had many small businesses in my youth, my first full time business started when I was 25 years old.  I secured the exclusive rights to import a variety of Italian plumbing brands and promptly quit my corporate job. When I started this business, I knew nothing about plumbing products and I had no contacts within the United States plumbing industry. This was what you commonly call a ‘boot-strap start-up’. Suffice it to say that I learned a lot.

After selling my business, I spent several years both teaching and studying.  While studying for my Master’s Degree in International Business in the early 1990’s, I was introduced to the franchise business model.  This chance encounter changed my life.

I joined AFC Enterprises – Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits, Church’s Chicken, Cinnabon and Seattle’s Best Coffee – as their Director of International business. During the 1990’s I visited over 60 countries and successfully established these franchise systems in over 30 countries. Thanks to the many wonderful people that coached and mentored me during those years, I literally gained a lifetime of experience in the franchise business.

Since 2002, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to share my experiences in the franchise business by providing coaching services to individuals considering buying a franchise.  My objective in all my writing is the same as in my practice.  I want to match the right person to the right franchise and, in the process, share my knowledge about the franchise business.Buying a franchise is an important decision. I know this book will help you.

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