Become a Franchisor

The franchisor consultants mentioned in this section specialize in assisting franchisors in driving both growth and success. These franchisor consultants can help if you feel that you have a great business prototype and you would like to become a franchisor or if you are already a franchisor and would like assistance growing your company.

Many entrepreneurs wonder if it makes sense to franchise their business. Well there are no shortcuts when it comes to the analysis of whether you should become a franchisor or not. However, as a starting point, you may want to review the 12 Criteria of Franchisability.. If you can respond positively to these 12 criteria, then it would make sense to investigate further.

Click to review the12 Criteria of Franchisability.

Most franchisor consultants are able to help you analyze your current business to determine if it is suitable for franchising. If your business passes this first test, then these franchisor consultants will be able to assist you in building your systems and formalizing your franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement.

If you are already a franchisor but have not achieved your growth objectives, these franchisor consultants can help you dissect your current business and create a winning plan to reestablish growth.

If you are a franchisor or hope to be a franchisor one day, these franchisor consultants can help you.

Premier Franchise Consultants

ifranlogoThe iFranchise Group (Franchisor Consultants)
(708) 957-2300 Click Here to Visit Website
The iFranchise Group is the world’s premier franchise consulting firm. Whether you are an experienced franchisor or refining or improving and established company or looking to expand through franchising for the first time, the iFranchise Group can provide the real-world guidance and hands-on assistance needed to reach your full growth potential.


franintel logoFranIntel (Franchisor Consultants)
(678) 819-9000 Click Here to Visit Website
With over 75 years of combined franchise and license experience in operations, finance and international development, Dave McDougall CFE, Becky Bennett CFE and Mark Dayman CPA/ABV/CFF, ABAR, CVA bring a wealth of knowledge and C level expertise to emerging to mid sized franchise companies that need help in establishing a franchise system or fixing problems that have emerged with in their current franchise business.


FranSource (Franchisor Consultants)
(877) 349 5373 Click Here to Visit Website
Founded in 1997, FranSource provides comprehensive franchise development services to successful business across the U.S. that are seeking to expand through franchising. All aspects of the franchise development process are coordinated by our team including legal, operations, advertising and marketing, franchise support, communications and sales.

Other Franchisor Consultants

Edwards Global Services, Inc. (International Franchisor Consultants)
949.224.3896 Click Here to Visit Website

The Franchise Consulting Group (Franchisor Consultants)
(310) 552-2901 Click Here to Visit Website

Being a franchisor is challenging.  It takes dedication and a winning formula.  These franchisor consultants can help you make great decisions, thereby avoiding many of the pitfalls traditionally encountered without the sage advice of proven franchisor consultants.