Our Mission Statement

Mission Statements are a critical part of any business endeavor.  They require you dedicate the time to define who you are and what you wish to accomplish.  This doesn’t happen quickly, but when done correctly, it is an effective guidepost for all future decisions.

In 2005, prior to the writing of The Educated Franchisee, we sat down to write our Mission Statement.  We needed to set, in writing, the purpose for the book and for all the other follow-up tools and resources.

Our Mission Statement is as follows:
‘To create educated franchise buyers with clearly defined objectives and the tools to recognize the right, or wrong, franchise when they see it. An educated franchisee will move into the franchisee role with expectations properly set and, as a result, will have a heightened potential for success within the franchise system creating a win/win for all involved.

Everything you find in our publications, downloads, website and resources is 100% dedicated to fulfilling the promise as found in our Mission Statement.