Are You An Entrepreneur?

by Rick Bisio – Franchise Consultant & Author of the Franchise Book –The Educated Franchisee

Before you begin to investigate a franchise business you need to think hard about whether or not being a business owner is right for you.

When you think about owning your own business do you think about the freedom of not having a boss? Do you think a franchise business will ensure your success? Do you see entrepreneurship as a route to a flexible schedule, with no one looking over your shoulder, while you bask in the pride of ownership, and enjoy all that money…

If these are the thoughts you have about owning a small business franchise, do yourself a favor. Stay employed!

Successful franchise business owners usually think more along these lines: where there’s a will, there’s a way; success requires courage, commitment and sacrifice; and a problem is just an opportunity in disguise. They know that the stars don’t align themselves and have never been perfectly aligned for anyone. They are willing to take on risk, and then work like mad to minimize that risk. They trust themselves to do what it takes to drive success.

Successful franchise business owners believe in what they are doing. They appreciate their employees, knowing that well-managed and happy employees, over time, will allow them to step away from the business to some degree, perhaps then achieving the goals of financial security and personal flexibility. And while they know that franchise businesses offer excellent odds for success, they also know the owner’s drive and passion makes all the difference.

If the latter description – that of the successful franchise business owner – resonates with you, perhaps you are ready to make the transition into entrepreneurship. If so, buying a small business franchisee is a tremendous direction to pursue. The franchisor provides the business model, the training, the brand, and the operating system. You provide capital, a lot of hard work, courage, and your passion.

If that sounds like the way life should be lived, then find the franchise business that meets your needs, take the risk, work like mad to overcome the obstacles, and see your way clear to success!

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