The ‘Real’ Meaning of Independence Day

With the passing of another 4th of July celebration, I was reminded of the ‘real’ meaning of Independence Day.

As well as being birthday of our great country, it is also a day to celebrate the concept of independence. Over the past week I interviewed several people. I asked each individual to personalize the concept of independence and tell me what it means to them and their family. All of these people are either business owners or are considering becoming business owners.

John – (Former Corporate Employee) ‘When America was founded, the American Dream focused on self determination. Homesteaders wanted the freedom to own their own land and/or run their own business. They wanted to build, produce or grow something. Employment was never a goal; instead it was considered a stepping stone. The goal was to build something you could own and control. Through the War of Independence, our founding fathers gave us the key. All we have to do is open the door. That is the gift of Independence Day’

Harry – (Recent Immigrant) ‘My family and I will be using the 4th of July weekend to decide which franchise to move forward with. We will never be free until we control our own income. Being an employee will never allow us to make our own way in this world. Being a business owner is an important first step towards personal independence and we will be dedicating this 4th of July weekend to taking the first step.’

Andrew (Former College Professor)– ‘For me, Independence Day is about removing the shackles of salary slavery. It is about owning my own business and not having to answer to any boss. I have been a salary slave and it is wonderful to declare my own independence’

Pretty powerful stuff. There were many other insightful comments. What does Independence Day mean to you? How are you going to take the larger message of Independence Day and apply it to your life? Share your thoughts on our blog below . . .