It All Starts Between The Ears

Have you ever heard anyone say, “You are what you eat”? If you eat too much unhealthy food, eventually you end up with an unhealthy body. The same relationship occurs with fuel for your car. Fill up with bad fuel and the car will not run well. We all know this is true.

Well guess what, same is true with your brain. What you read, watch and listen to, has a dramatic impact on how you think. Our brain is truly amazing. It takes the fuel we give it, information, and uses that fuel to think through situations and eventually make decisions. The decisions we make have a direct impact on our life style, family, wealth and happiness.

So, the question is, what type of fuel are you providing your brain? Is it constricted to one subject area or is it expansive covering many topics. Do you prefer to feed your brain fiction or non-fiction? Do you gather information on the side of an argument you prefer or do you try to maintain balance by learning about each different point of view?

As you move toward the New Year, I would suggest that become aware of what you are feeding your brain. You don’t stop learning once school ends. Learning is a life-long process. You can learn through books, the internet or TV but that is only part of the story. We learn by doing, by trying and by experimenting. If things don’t go as planned, your first question should be, ‘What can I learn from this experience?’ and ‘How do I leverage this experience into greater success in the future?’.

Remember you are what you chose to become. It all starts between the ears.